In the 1800s Samuel F.B. Morse took a novel step in telecommunications by sending the world’s first telegraphic message. Since then, the telegraph has become the genesis of myriads of media innovations the world has witnessed. Developments in media and innovations in technology are two amalgamable units driving changes to things we consume today. Media ubiquity would not transpire without innovations in technology. Yet, as with most things in life, its evolvement carries both benefits and challenges to all of us.

With the theme – Media Innovation in Challenging Times the Media Technology Bachelor Programme from the School of Multimedia Technology and Communication (SMMTC), Universiti Utara Malaysia in collaboration with the Civic Media Research Unit (CMRU), will host our 4th International Conference on Media Studies (ICMS’21) on 9 November and 10 November 2021. ICMS’21 aims to create a collective environment for researchers and practitioners to present empirical research findings and engage in constructive dialogues about media innovation in these trying times. We welcome presenters – academics, practitioners and students from across the globe to share knowledge and exchange ideas relating to the theme of our conference.